About Us

Meet the Team!

The puzzle that makes the art


Our Core Values


Having experience as hosts, hoteliers, and avid travelers, we approach problem-solving and management with empathy at the core. We can genuinely relate to your concerns, and every decision we make or feature we design is crafted with you in mind, putting ourselves in your shoes first.


We empower you to travel on your terms, granting you control, while also giving business owners the power back through essential tools to manage their business effectively.


Feeling wanted and appreciated in a foreign place is unmatched. Going from feeling alone in the travel business to belonging when you travel is priceless.

Why Join Us

Are you a missing piece of the puzzle? Step right into the world of Triply, where each adventure is like adding a puzzle piece to uncover the magic of Africa! Our team is a vibrant blend of adventure seekers, creative minds, and passionate explorers, all working together to make Triply the ultimate travel companion. Let’s piece together incredible experiences and unlock the true essence of adventure. Let’s Triply.